Revolutionizing Sustainable Construction






New and unique construction material made with patented technology

Equal or better performance than competing products

0 additives, 0 waste, 0 water, 0 emissions. Only renewable energy

100% made from recycled material, 100% recyclable

100% made in Sweden



For puttying, painting, wallpapering, tiling, plastering

Moisture and mold resistant. 0 VOC’s or formaldehydes.

We contribute to building a sustainable future

Uncompromized Quality

RECOMA offers a unique combination of properties in one construction board; strong and durable, protected against moisture and mold, insulating sound and heat, and doing the environment a big favor.

Designed for Sustainability

RECOMA manufactures its products from 100% recycled composite packaging in a process generating no waste, emissions and uses no additives. Not even water. The product is 100% recyclable over and over again, contributing to the circular economy.

Sustainability work

RECOMA are members of:


Enabling sustainable construction

High-performing construction material with many applications: walls, ceilings, floors, furniture.

No adaptation needed. The same tools and fasteners can be used.
Ready for surface treatment (putty, paint, tiles, plaster, wallpaper)

The construction industry generates a third of all waste in Sweden

We offer a free return system for cut-offs and demolition waste from our products.

The construction industry generates as much emissions as all cars in Sweden (20% of total CO2 emissions). We offer a climate neutral alternative to construction boards.



  • 100% Circular

  • 0 waste

  • 0 additives

  • 0 emissions

  • 0 water

  • 100% renewable energy

  • 100% recycling of waste that is currently mainly incinerated